10 Days Left 10 Million Signed Up 10 Ways Reaching Even More

Americans only have 10 days left to get covered before open enrollment ends on February 15. That means it’s going to be a busy 10 days for the entire enrollment community!

Just about 10 million Americans have already signed up for 2015 coverage on the health insurance marketplaces, and we know demand is likely to go up before the deadline.

In honor of those 10 million Americans and the final 10-day stretch, here are 10 ways our Get Covered America campaign is working with partners and volunteers to ramp up outreach around the deadline.

How We Reach More People

At EnrollAmerica.org, we do our best to make sure we reach as many people as we can. We do this by optimizing several different processes.

If you’re not familiar with CGA, read more about us and how we work.

Also make sure to take a look at the following bullet points to understand how we maximize outreach.

1. Connecting more consumers to in-person application assistance: Last week, over 5,600 people made appointments with free local help on the Get Covered Connector tool. That’s 44 percent more than the average week for this open enrollment period. And people who get in-person help are almost twice as likely to successfully enroll.

2. Increasing the volume of follow-up calls. Staff and volunteers have already made 20 percent more follow-up phone calls to interested consumers in the first month of 2015 compared to the first six weeks of open enrollment.

3. Dramatically increasing the number of follow-up emails we’re sending to interested consumers about the deadline. We know that contacting individuals multiple times by both phone and email makes them likelier to actually get covered. Anyone can sign up to get these consumer-facing emails at GetCoveredAmerica.org.

4. Reaching a significantly larger audience at GetCoveredAmerica.org, where site traffic is up 250 percent from this time last month as consumers look for information about their options and use tools like the Get Covered Calculator to find out how much financial help they might qualify for.

5. Hosting more than 1,100 enrollment events over the final three weekends of open enrollment.

6. Scaling up those enrollment events to handle crowds that are getting bigger and bigger. For example, at a recent enrollment event at The Gallery mall in Philadelphia, over 120 people stopped by to get more information about the law and receive on-site enrollment help.

7. Sending the #GetCoveredCountdown bus tour through four states to shine a spotlight on outreach and enrollment events, reach consumers, and literally display an up-to-date countdown of days left until February 15.

8. Coordinating with over 25 hospitals to hold more than 80 events across the country in a Hospital Week of Action.

9. Showcasing successful strategies that partners are using in the final weeks. A big tent of organizations is working to reach consumers, and our blog is highlighting examples so partners can exchange lessons with each other.

10. Offering tools that other organizations can use to find the uninsured and give them the facts they need to enroll.


During — and after — this final frenzy of outreach, we’re always looking for new partners in the effort to connect Americans to quality, affordable health coverage. 

Click here to sign up to join the effort, and someone on our staff will be in touch.

Once you’ve signed up, one of our staff members will reach out to you as soon as possible. Please give us several days to review your application. If you haven’t heard from us after a few days, feel free to contact us.

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