The backbone of our outreach and enrollment campaign has always been data.

We want to know as much as we can about the consumers we’re trying to connect to coverage. Who are the uninsured? Where do they live? What information motivates them to enroll? Which trusted messengers do they need to hear from? Are new enrollees happy with their coverage?

We’ve invested time and resources in analyzing data to find answers to those questions — including a model to focus outreach on the consumers who are most likely to be uninsured.

By using data to build a predictive model, we work with partners to estimate and map out — with a high degree of accuracy — which neighborhoods have the most uninsured consumers. That way, outreach teams can focus their efforts where they can make the most difference. The New York Times described our model as “fascinating… because, more than any other public data source, it gives us a much more rich and detailed picture of who has insurance and how that is changing.”

Take a closer look at the data in the model by trying out this interactive map — for every county in the country, see the changing uninsured landscape from 2013 to 2015. Read more about our latest uninsured model here.

In addition to data modeling, in-depth surveys we’ve commissioned offer detailed explorations of the factors that affect consumers’ enrollment decisions:

  • Voices From the Newly Enrolled and Still Uninsured: A Survey About the Affordable Care Act’s First Open Enrollment Period, PerryUndem Research/Communication, July 2014
  • The Affordable Care Act’s First Open Enrollment Period: Why Did Some People Enroll and Not Others? PerryUndem Research/Communication, May 2014
  • The Uninsured Midway Through ACA Open Enrollment: Results from a National Survey of Uninsured Adults, PerryUndem Research/Communication, January 2014
  • Informing Enroll America’s Campaign: Findings From a National Survey, Lake Research Partners, January 2013