With last week’s exciting news that around 12.7 million Americans are enrolled in marketplace health coverage for 2016, it’s time to look back on how that success was possible.

Today, we’ve released an infographic highlighting how many people have taken action to get covered and stay covered — and how a coalition of thousands of organizations is keeping up the enrollment momentum:

OE3-Section-1-Infographic-More-People-and-More-CommunitiesOE3-Section-2-Infographic OE3-Section-3-InfographicOE3-Section-4-Infographic

This infographic tells the story of the success that you helped make possible during the third open enrollment period, including:

  • A 55 percent increase in the number of locations giving consumers the option to make appointments online through the Get Covered Connector.
  • Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities making tens of thousands of outreach and follow-up calls to people about their coverage options.
  • Partners such as Philadelphia Gas Works sending residents enrollment info along with their utility bills.
  • And more than 16,000 people trained on the “science of enrollment” through programs like the Get Covered Academy.

Share this infographic with everyone you know who’s helped Americans enroll in and retain quality, affordable health insurance!

While we celebrate how far we’ve come, we also know there’s more work to do to make sure the success we’ve seen becomes permanent. Here’s to making sure as many people as possible get covered and stay covered in the years ahead!

Outreach and enrollment leaders will be sharing the latest best practices and planning for the future at the 2016 State of Enrollment conference May 11 – 13 in Washington, D.C. —