Post Cycle Therapy Guide: Best PCT Methods & Protocols Inside

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What Is Post Cycle Therapy?

Post cycle therapy, or PCT, is a protocol started after a cycle of performance-enhancing compounds (AAS, SARMs, Prohormones). This protocol usually lasts for several weeks and is an absolute must.

The sole purpose of a post cycle therapy is to help your body’s natural hormone production bounce back. This is because compounds such as anabolics temporarily suppress your body’s hormone production during the time you are on them.

You need to know many things when it comes to running a PCT protocol, and that’s why we’ve put together this in-depth guide.

In our post cycle therapy guide, we’re going over the different compounds you can use, how long to use them, and show you several examples of PCT protocols.

Have a cycle planned and want to learn more about how to recover once it’s finished? Make sure to keep reading; otherwise, you could be at risk of losing the gains you’ve made.

Which Post Cycle Therapy Will You Need?

There are different types of ways that you can run a post cycle therapy.

For example, if you plan on running a heavy cycle that will stack different anabolics, you will need a more potent PCT than for a mild sarms or prohormones cycle.

We will give you some information on which performance enhancers require what type of PCT.

The Best PCT For Prohormones

Prohormones are popular performance enhancers widely used by bodybuilders and other athletes. When prohormones are taken, they replace your body’s hormone levels temporarily.

And after the cycle is completed, your hormones will be deficient, causing fatigue, muscle tissue loss, and mood swings. You’ll need to follow a PCT protocol to help your hormones recover rapidly.

For prohormones, we advise running post cycle therapy with Rebirth PCT for 4 to 8 weeks. If it’s a short cycle, 4 weeks of Rebirth will probably be sufficient. If it’s a longer cycle, we advise picking up two bottles. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Best PCT For SARMs

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are a great alternative to other performance enhancers, mainly because they are considered mild yet still effective.

But what most people don’t know is that they still require post cycle therapy after a cycle of SARMs. Compounds such as Ostarine are said to be similar to prohormones and therefore need the same protocol. You can use Rebirth PCT for 4 to 8 weeks after your cycle.

We’ve put together an extensive SARMs PCT guide where we explain the various types of protocols.

The Best PCT For Steroids

Steroids such as Dianabol are on a different level and are much stronger than SARMs or Prohormones. Therefore, they often require a heavier post cycle therapy protocol with either Nolvadex or Clomid.

These are two extremely potent compounds that can restart hormone production quite fast. We’re not fans of these compounds, especially since they can also come with several side effects.

It’s always a good idea to throw in an additional PCT supplement, such as Rebirth, after your steroid cycle. Your hormones take an enormous hit after the use of steroids, and you can use all the help you can get.

Do I Really Need Post Cycle Therapy?

I know what some of you might be thinking, am I really going to need to do a post cycle therapy? Won’t I be fine without one?

Unless you would rather wait months for your natural testosterone to come back, you are really going to need to do a full post cycle therapy protocol.

Post cycle therapy compounds

That’s right, your body can take several months, or even longer to recover if you don’t use one. I made this mistake once when I was young and inexperienced and it ended up taking me nearly a half year to bounce back.

Don’t cheap out on a post cycle therapy supplement either, the good stuff is a bit more expensive because they’re more effective.

The product we swear by, Rebirth PCT, will cost you $69.95 and will last you for 4 weeks.

But in return, your getting a high-quality and stacked product that is going to do it’s job. I’ll show you more about this product, make sure to keep reading.

The Best Post Cycle Therapy Supplements

When it comes to post cycle therapy supplements, you’re going to want to get yourself the best of the best.

Because the better the product, the faster it helps you recover. It’s all about rapid recovery, because once you have stable hormone levels again, you can start making progression again.

And there’s only one post cycle therapy supplement we swear by, which is Rebirth PCT.

Post cycle therapy supplements

There’s a reason we only recommend this product and nothing else. That is because this is the only properly formulated and stacked post cycle therapy supplement you will find.

Not only does it contain Arimistane, but you’ll also find many other clinically proven ingredients in there that will help boost hormones.

One bottle of Rebirth PCT contains 180 capsules, which will be enough for 4 weeks of post cycle therapy. We always advise people that are planning a cycle to pick up two bottles, so you have enough in case you need to run it for longer.

Visit the official Rebirth PCT product page to learn more about the ingredients and read what other users had to say about it.

You can also choose to add in a product like Laxogenin to help you retain some of the muscle gains you’ve made. But, it’s optional and not a must.

Post Cycle Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start post cycle therapy?

For SARMs and prohormones, you start your post cycle therapy the day after your cycle has finished. For steroids, you start it one week after your last injection.

How long does PCT last?

A PCT can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how you feel. Let's say you initially planned on running it for four weeks but still feel fatigued; we advise extending the PCT.

Always make sure that you have enough of your supplement on hand if you want to extend it.

Why am I feeling weak during post cycle therapy?

The reason you're feeling weak during this period is that your hormones will be at an all-time low. Testosterone is responsible for many different processes, such as mood, energy, muscle mass, and libido. If it's low, it's going to impact all those processes negatively.

What do I take as my post cycle therapy?

We recommend everybody that is going to run a post cycle therapy to take Rebirth PCT by Huge Nutrition. It's the most stacked product on the market and contains scientifically proven ingredients to boost your hormones back up to the desired level.

How long will it take for me to recover?

With the help of a post cycle therapy, it takes roughly one to two months to recover from a cycle fully. Without the help of one, it can take up to several months, if not longer.


We’ve shown you just how crucial it is to run a post cycle therapy after you’ve finished a cycle. There’s a lot of adverse effects that can happen if somebody chooses to skip out on one.

If you don’t want to wait months to recover and start progressing again fully, it’s a good idea to stock up on one. In our opinion, Rebirth is the best product for PCT as it’s designed to accelerate hormone production and maintaining muscle mass.

Make sure to plan and order all the products you need for your cycle before you start one. By doing so, you will be prepared for anything that can happen.

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