When it comes to enrollment, we know what works. Through our consumer-facing Get Covered America campaign, our enrollment model has been refined and tested through three open enrollment cycles and has proven to be successful.

Enrollment rate data from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that states and local areas where Get Covered America was active consistently saw higher enrollment rates than areas that did not have an active Get Covered America presence. By mobilizing a coalition of more than 6,700 partners, we reach communities across the country with information and tools that empower them to get covered and stay covered.

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Mathematica Policy Research described our work as “an innovative outreach approach that uses data-driven, campaign-style methods to increase enrollment under the ACA… The Enroll America approach prioritized efficiency and evidence in ways more commonly associated with the private sector… This model included real-time tactical support conducted at a level of scope, rigor, and sophistication never seen, to our knowledge, in a public coverage program outreach effort.”

We’ve proven that we know how to reach the uninsured and help them enroll in coverage. And we’re sharing and developing enrollment strategies and best practices with partner organizations to reach even more consumers.

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